Who wants to wear plain old solid colors anymore these days right? Hence the prints came into play! But before you think that printing on fabrics is a modern-day invention, we’ll like to go back to a little history lesson because evidences suggest that fabric print culture dates back to as far as 4th century BC! Textile printing’s origin maps to China; as samples of woodblock printing courting from 220 were discovered. Next, neighboring countries throughout Asia, India and Europe were familiarized with both block printing and screen-printing gradually. But this blog isn’t about the invention of prints but the trends of today! Without any further delay let’s introduce you to a bunch of prints which we’re sure you have seen before but didn’t know much about it, until now.


Who knew a failure to correspond an exact mirror image or a violation of symmetry would become a fashion frenzy of 21st century! These prints have audited the typical textile printing with a world-wide demand in the recent years.


Animal prints evoked a sense of “luxury” amongst people in the past and even today. Emulating an urge for buying animal prints such as leopard, zebra, fox, cheetah and other prints, is vividly observed in the fashion industry.
Talking about florals well, who doesn’t like spring right! Florals give a feel of colorful and joyous reality to everyday ideals. Women are often fond of flowers and these prints on their clothes just adds on their magnificence.


A contemporary fashion from the House of Versace or Fendi comes to mind when one refers to stripes or plaid or checkered prints. These prints are not only modern front printing but an effective variation in our mundane clothing.


Think about military or other special armed forces as these prints were inspired by their uniform. This print is prominently famous amongst the teens and gym wear for all age groups. Camo comes in shades of green, blue, white, black and hazel and is just loved by every gender.


The ultimate blended checkered prints are known as the gingham prints. It is a blended cotton fabric thru with dyed yarn plaited using a plain weave to method a checked pattern. It is usually prepared with two shades or two-color patterns and the most famous ones happen to be white and pink & white & red.


These prints are often observed in Indo-western outfits or Indian or ethnic wear such as suits, sarees, kurtis and more. Symmetrical zig-zag lines complimenting a upward or downward motion prints gives an accent to your outfit with it’s bold and upbeat highlights.


The term “ikat” means “bind” in the Indonesian language. It is a dyeing technique infamous in Indonesia where employees resisted dyeing on the yarns prior. This print is often found on ethnic and Indo-western textiles for both men & women as the influence comes from the south Asian culture of Indonesian countries.



The daily essentials of our life include undergarments and one must wear them right. The term “bra” is short for brassière worn for aesthetic and comfort resolutions. With today’s trendy yet complex styles, one must make sure to wear the perfect bra with their outfits. Apart from the wide range of available sizes, picking out the right kind of bra for the top or the outfit can be tricky. So, to help you pick out the perfect bra for the perfect fit, KALIHOUSE is here to help you with an ultimate bra guide.


A t-shirt bra is the most supportive essential wear for an outfit that comprises of a t-shirt i.e., your daily wear outfits. It provides a good support and a breath-easy comfort while a t-shirt is on.


For an outfit that comprises of a deep neckline or a V neckline, one should go for a plunge bra as it promises an enhanced neckline and allows to signify the beauty of your top or outfit. It also provides a firm appearance and a flattering curve to your body.


A bra without on-shoulder straps or without a belt which provides a neat look for a top or outfit that has minimal or no sleeves. These include a considered feature such as a rubber or silicon which sticks to the skin allowing it to hang on to your body and provide full support.


Wearing a bralette under a shirt gives a crisp look to your formals. It provides a free movement unlike other bras; you feel a composed comfort in bralettes. Another way to put this fabulous bra is under a sheer or a see through top as the outlines of the bralette gives off an elegant vibrance.

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In 1922, the term ‘lingerie was coined for women’s undergarments, light-wear robes and sleepwear. From then we have come to days where lingerie is not limited to just females anymore and is produced for men as well in the market. But today we are going to shine some light over the produce for females. From age old corsets in the 1800s to lace on styles of 1960s, let’s run back in time and learn how the line of underwear for females has evolved over time.

CORSETS: 1800-1900

Corset is one of the oldest garments in the history of undergarment for females. It was initially deigned to clasp on the torso and signify an hourglass shape i.e., a small waist with a larger bottom providing an ‘ideal’ body shape to the ladies of the past. From early 1800s to 1900, women wore different kinds of corset; one with laces, neck ties, back ties, stringed, tainted and more. A time came when corsets were introduced in the market even for kids, but the idea was later on highly disparaged in the society as it was realized how these very corsets that promised a healthy spine and posture were actually hurting the bodies of women in its entirety.


Inundated by the anguishes of the whalebone corsets and extreme discomfort, Mary Phelps Jacobs introduced the first bra ever by sewing pieces of two handkerchiefs with a ribbon. Jumping to four years forward, she was approved a patent for a wonderful invention as it introduced a whole new domain into the world and business of under garments.

1920s and 30s

Loose, shapeless silhouettes came into play as the lingerie wear was redesigned. The years went on and the corsets still existed but in new forms and patterns. Defying the prior years, these corsets were meant to suppress the hips for a balanced figure. In 1928, bras were designed for a flattened look which was considered modest. Hitting 1933, female leads were observed wearing bras enchantingly both on and off screen. In 1940s, due to lack of supplies in the World War period, women would paint down at the back of their legs to create an illusion.


S. H. & Company denoted cup size and band measurement in a1932 ad for the first time and later in 1944 it was espoused by Warner's which later also became the industry standards worldwide. Came 1947 when Christian Dior brought the NEW LOOK: a full skirted, nipped waist outfit throwing it back to the hourglass figure times! 1952 was the year of sexy red lingerie pulled off with a divine class by one & only Marylin Monroe. At the time the mark of a well-dressed woman was the net stockings and by 1955, sexy lingerie became socially acceptable in the society.


This decade was the era of freedom and rebellion. An act of rebellion was followed as women burned their bras on the street depicting defiance. Then cue in the girly ruffles and curls in the modest wear lingerie with bows aplenty.

There’s a lot more to the evolution story that needs to be talked about but let’s leave the later story for the next time.



We have grown out of the phase where a woman wearing a blazer was considered absurd. A blazer is not only a formal piece of clothing but is also a statement apparel for a bold and confident lady of today. But to think that blazers can be aligned Indian or say ethnic outfits just seems a little unsettling to people even today, when it’s already a trend followed passionately all around the globe. So here we are bringing you three indie outfits which will give you an amazing perspective as to how you can add a blazer to your ethnic attires and give it a formal transformation.


Here we can observe the famous Karishma Kapoor draped in one of the most gorgeous sarees ever with a statement blazer. She’s wrapped the pallu around her neck like a scarf which is adding volume to the fit and a brown belt to highlight her waistline. Dropping golden earrings and a chic eye makeup just made the whole fit resilient.



For the quick go-to ethnic wear, we all pick the good ol’ ethnic suit, but ever wondered to put on a blazer over this very kurti set you always pick out so quickly? No? Then give it a go right away because you will be blown away by the crisp outcome of this whole fit. Sleek back your hair and put-on noticeable stud earrings and heels to complete this outfit to a whole and voila, you have yourself a chic CEO look right there!


As the palazzo flairs are busy enhancing the flowy look on your lower body, your upper body is bedazzled with a solid blazer over your top which make you look the perfect “meeting-ready” diva you are! Beat the boredom of limited ethnic styles and experiment with a contrasting solid color blazer with your ethnic palazzo set for a blazing remark to your outfit.

Besides these three outfits, you can always hop and try blazers with a variety of ethnic outfits as a blazer happens to be a magnificent creation in the field of women’s clothing and one must take full advantage of all possible chances.



An art which has been into the existence for a long time, mehendi is the body art practiced in various nations around the globe. It has been an age-old ingredient with multiple uses such as to dye cotton, wool, leather, hair and skin. Henna is also processed for the dye or color groundwork for the art of making impermanent tattoos or designs on hands and feet of brides and all possible relatives. Gradually gaining recognition around the globe, the practice of henna artwork or mehendi artwork has actually been into the existence for generations. So, here we are bringing you a few highlight backgrounds of the very dear mehendi we all get excited about every time we think of Indian festivities and wedding fever especially.



These mehndi designs have more elements of nature like leaves, vine, flowers etc. Contrary to Indian designs which are very dense and detailed, these are more intricate. They usually start from the palm and run all over the hand. These designs are more scattered compared to Indian and have more dots, vines, fines lines etc. Modern Arabic designs have introduced more colour combinations and patterns.


Unlike Indian designs, these contain more geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, triangles etc. These designs are not very dense and never cover the entire region. They are very subtle and symmetrical that catches the real attention. Moroccan Henna can be applied on hands, feet, ankles, wrists, toes etc. Tourists also go for henna tattoos. Not just women but men also have these henna tattoos. Tourists should have precise knowledge about black dye which is used to make these henna tattoos.


The designs coming from African origin consists of designs that are profound and bold. Symmetrical triangles and lines are carved along the back or front of your palm with the best of freshly prepared henna. These designs are often spotted on pop celebrities as this artwork is prominent amongst tourists from around the world.

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Makara Sankranti is also known as Maghi or Sankranthi. This occasion is doted in the Hindu calendar and is dedicated to the deity Surya or the prime source of energy –the Sun. It is witnessed each year in the lunar month of Magha i.e. the month of January.  Celebrations are acknowledged all through the country in waves of spark with bonfires, music, dance, puja and a kite flying competition in the day time. So let’s curate this year’s Makar Sakranti with a bounce and light of fashion and other festivities. Here are some top looks to get inspired from for this year’s Sakaranti style!


With a festival that deserves a celebration like no other, we feel that opting for the palazzo pants would be a terrific idea. Shop palazzo suit or buy palazzo pants online and put on those fancy pants. Combine the solo pants with a printed crop top and a long shrug to give your outfit a festive appeal. Wear dropping earrings to match your outfit and accessorize as per your comfort because let’s be honest a comfortable fashion sense is loved beyond anything.


Sometimes a single color can be your escape to the last minute #ootd. Buy pant style salwar suit online of one single solid color to enhance your beauty to the max. Not only it looks elegant but also proves to be a neat and handy outfit for such celebrations which involves activities like dance, music, puja and more.


Things are right when you are in your most comfortable attire. But sometimes we give an upper edge to style over comfort. You know the saying "you need to lose something to gain something" but here we are going to debunk this saying by providing you with the perfect blend of comfort and styling. A set of Kurti and jeans can go with any pair of shoes or any jewelry you throw with it and of course, it will shower you with compliments all over. 


Your tradition is your first phase of the presentation and it should always be intact with your soul. You will lie to yourself if you disagree with the fact that Indian Ethnic wear does make you look elegant. A set of Ethnic top and jeans not only keeps you close to your Indian roots but also gives you a sense of modernity. A simple yet sophisticated set which never makes you look faded. The perfect contrast of colors and the wavy design keeps it under the eye of spectators and positive comments flow all around your surroundings.

Do You Know Your ‘KADAI’?

Do You Know Your ‘KADAI’?

So what exactly is ‘Embroidery’ or ‘KADAI’?

It is a renowned craft of ornamenting cloth or different kinds of cloth with the help of a sewing needle to run a yarn or maybe a thread. It can also integrate various materials such as beads, quills, sequins, pearls and much more.

Our country is counted amongst the top nations along with Japan, Korea, Palestine, Norway, Merezhka-Ukraine and Nakshi Kantha-Bangladesh for the gorgeous and factually preserved art form of embroidery. So here are 5 forms or types of embroidery which are incorporated in today’s designs and styles vividly.


Buy Chikankari online

A very faint and elusive craft of hand embroidery which one will often find on a variety of fabrics such as silk, chiffon, net, muslin, etc. is called the Chikankari embroidery.

In this craft a white thread is skilled on with a cautious state of detailing on light and calm pastel colored fabrics of cotton, muslin or others.

Dating back to the origin of 3rd century BC, this embroidery is known from the streets to even the palaces in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Often Bollywood is also caught on camera adorning this invaluable skill of hand embroidery that stuns the world with its grace and glory.


kutch work design

As the name suggests Kutch is a skill of embroidery that hails from the generous corners of Gujarat. Using cotton or silk threads this work is generally carried out on cotton fabrics with carefully designed patterns and mirrors.

As this craftsmanship involves a fine blend of thread and mirror work it enables this embroidery to become so dynamic that it is not limited to just garments but can also be seen being incorporated on items of décor, hand bags, wall hangings and accessories.


phulkari hand embroidery

Rising from the state of Punjab, this handcraft of flower motifs embroidery is seen on various fabrics. The vibrancy of this work is recognized easily due to its effervescent texture and colors. It calls for a unique skill as the stitching in this kind of embroidery is done on the inner side of the fabric so as to glorify the design on the front side.

If you ever visit the Golden Temple market in Amritsar, Punjab you’ll observe that these designs were not only incorporated with clothing apparels but on jewelry, bags and even sandals too.


Zardozi Embroidery

Zardozi is a primordial art of sewing silver and golden threads on a fabric which were also known as the royal adornments of the Mughal era, but it originally came from the Persian lands.

The original Zardozi craft integrated real gold and silver threads, pearls and precious stones on regal fabrics like velvet or pure silk. But in today’s time the real gold or silver is substituted by copper wires with golden and silver polish to keep the look as generous as possible. It is not the same but it definitely keeps the magic of this art form alive!


Kantha Work Online

If “simplicity is the beauty of life” was to be an embroidery, Kantha would be it. This skilled embroidery is known for its simplicity which gives a pleasing and an appealing finish. It is a traditional style practiced by the craftspeople of Bengal and Odisha.

Intricate stitching of motifs of animals, birds, flowers and daily activities is united in a stitch format that runs with short gaps. This embroidery can be appreciated on not only sarees, dress materials and dhoti but also on bed covers, upholstery and wall hangings too.

These handicrafts are an age old practice and are a proud to every Indian’s heart and soul. The practice of featuring such embroidery works in our day to day lives is helping today in promoting our culture and our craftsmen too.

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Holiday Season Fashion Movies Marathon!

We are descending towards the end of a year which has not been the most fruitful one but since we’re stuck in the pandemic, that doesn’t mean we should let go of such glorious opportunities knocking our doors right? The holiday season is upon us and amidst the given circumstances we bring you a remedy to cure your outdoor-sickness. We are bringing you a list of recent times incredible releases to binge watch this holiday season. Movies that are in existence for us to learn from, improvise and create our own ethnic fashion statement. You can easily find the following styles and shop ethnic wear for women online. So, let’s get down to cinema business.


Deepika Padukone left us all stunned with her acing ethnic fashion in Ayan Mukherji’s masterpiece YJHD. With shimmering royal blue saree she brought back the trend of going ethnic in a bachelor’s party. Plain yet elegant long skirts, sequined pallu, flared multicolor Lehenga for mehendi and designer wedding Lehenga, Naina managed to leave us all in awe with her enchanting ethnic dresses and her simple girl charm. One can easily put together the looks inspired from the movie’s various characters as well. Shop online designer Lehengas for women online to put together your “NAINA” look.


In a 2014 Disney produced movie “Khoobsurat”, Sonam Kapoor was witnessed with the most outlandish yet appealing sense of fashion. Pairing up of printed multicolored dhoti pants with textured short kurits, tunics and most surprisingly leather jackets was something that none of us saw coming. To everyone’s surprise the styles created throughout the movie are some amazing ideas and an inspiration for the kind of update we need in terms of ethnic fusion today.


The journey of sweet pain and redemption of one sided love was perceived by the audience with a huge acceptance as the characters depicted the situations in a manner which was found very much relatable by the audience. Getting caught in the crossfire of feelings one element held clear to our conscience, the mythical allure of Alizeh aka Anushka Sharma’s fashion. She impressed us with her charming yellow kurtis, the Break-up song red kurti with blue jeans, embroidered Lehenga skirt and a shirt paired with a heavy necklace for mehendi ceremony, the eloquent party wear shararas, and not to forget the bridal Lehenga she wears for the wedding. Let’s not forget the dark kajal smudge eye makeup and the boho jewellery she uses to accentuate her outfits amazingly. With all these wonderful outfits, Alizeh had definitely stolen the hearts of people and made us all fall in love with ethnic fashion for women.


The 2015 Sanjay Leela Bhansali Production “Bajirao Mastani” depicts the love that trumps over the hurdles of conservative customs and family background. We were blessed by the two very promising divas of Bollywood: Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Deepika Padukone depicting the roles of Kashibai & Mastani respectively, presenting the ethnic fashions of the marathas and the peshwai. The nath, peshwai topi, golden embroidered Anarkali, chevron printed Lehenga and dupattas were some of the iconic of ethnic ensembles observed in the history of Bollywood movies. Some other similar movies which contain fashion inspired from the age old traditions and redefined ethnic wear are RamLeela, Padmavat, and Devdas. As elegant as these beauties were in the movies, they left a pool of inspiration for the viewers to channel the fashionistas in them and recreate and innovate ethnic fashion on their own. You can easily shop Lehengas online or buy kurtis online in India and any other similar article to suffice your ethnic fashion quotient.

A Bridal Lehenga: My First Love Story

A Bridal Lehenga: My First Love Story

Every girl has planned their dream wedding in the back of their minds. The flowers, the venue, the cuisine, the champagne and the most perfect outfit in the world, their wedding Lehenga; the first love of every girl, they’ve mapped it all out. Even the most tom-boyish girl on the planet reminisces about this love story, has details figured out about how their first love must look like.

Now we have something to offer, a small gift for all the ladies out there who are finally going to meet their first love real soon. We are going to list out the most trendy, the most exquisite Lehengas of today which can aid you to pick out your perfect Lehenga for your dream wedding. Here are the top 6 Lehenga choices by the brides of 2020!

1. The Virushka fever:

the wedding of the talented cricketer Virat Kohli and the stunning actress Anushka Sharma left us all in awe. It was a revolutionary moment in the world of Lehenga styling because the infamous red lehenga was no more the “it” factor of the wedding ensemble, it inspired billions of brides around the country to challenge the RED and go for a more subtle color like blush PINK.


the brides today are looking for something different and to suffice this urge of ‘difference’ the very famous Sabhyasachi Mukherjee introduced the LEMON lehegas which left quite an impact on everyone’s eyes. Inspired by this, designers around the globe started introducing LEMON influenced bridal Lehengas. Many were seen mashing the Lemon color with other mauve colours like GRAY, PUNGENT PINK and ORCHE YELLOW.

3. Bridal Shades of GRAY:

That’s right, which once was taken as taboo by the representative elders of our society has now become the new trend of the wedding season. Brides have become insistent towards the GRAY and SILVER bridal Lehengas in the market today.

4. Pastel Power:

Brides do a lot of research and have a very strong mind about their perfect wedding Lehenga and pastels seem to have formed a new and warm place in the hearts of all these brides today. These colors not only give off a unique look but also give the wedding outfit a royal and elegant panache.


5. The Golden Glow:

This one is often picked by the brides who want a more regal look than the colored finish. It consists of a stately combination of GOLDEN and OFF-WHITE. This wedding season is majorly influenced with a GOLDEN waist band and a lot of detailing is inscribed in these Lehengas.

6. Brocade Season:

The brocade season is an evergreen feeling which hits us with waves of nostalgia and euphoria. Brocade is a very significant traditional fabric which has influenced the fashion industry in many ways. The bridal Lehengas are prepared with incredible brocade fabric and patterns and even today brides just seem to fall in love with them instantly.

So have you ever thought of how your first love looks like? Were these looks able to help you make up your mind? Let us know!

Do You Know Jewellery That Adorns Women In Different States?

Do You Know Jewellery That Adorns Women In Different States?

Our country is a nation that consists of 28 states with each of them having vivid history in various aspects especially art and craftsmanship. We often buy jewelry from different shops and sites with intricate details, color and patterns which catches our eye. But have you ever sat back with your jewelry, that necklace your grandma gave to you or the ring your mum swears to never take off, the ornaments which were passed down to generations in your family and wondered “where does this belong to? What part of our country makes this specific design?“ If yes then continue reading because we may have answers to calm your curious cat.

Here are some regional vestiges to recognize where your sparkles actually came from!


when someone mentions craftsmanship, Rajasthan is a place which is remembered by us all. This state is very famous for its prestigious and historic collection. Jewelry named KUNDAN, JUDAU,LAC Jewelry, MEENAKARI Jewelry, AAD (a choker necklace) are some very famous works of Rajasthan.


this place is not only the host of many historical events on INDIA but also ranges a vast collection of custom sparkles. KATESARI choker is one of the most famous jewelry item of UP. Gold KADAs were also originated from this state, in the city of VARANASI.


This state is known for the exquisite Nath, or nose-ring. It is crafted with diamonds set in flower-shaped clusters of pearls and the jewel is further embellished by a single ruby bead.


This state holds an eminent position in the world of ethnic sparkles. One can find gold ornaments here for various customs. Nethi Chutti or Vagupu Chutti jewel is for the forehead and a gold Oddiyanam or waist ornament of South India too which is coated with rose-cut diamonds, emeralds and cabochon rubies.


We’ve all seen our mothers wearing a bold band around their ankles which makes a very cheerful sound when they walk in the house. Have you ever wondered what that’s called and where it came from? The state of Hyderabad is where one tracks down the origin of the famous PAAZEB which also influenced and gave rise to PAAYAL.

So next time you see any jewelry do ask yourself “where did this exactly come from?” you never know which piece of jewelry might.

Navratri 2020 : Must Try Indo-Western Look On This Festive Season

Navratri 2020 : Must Try Indo-Western Look On This Festive Season

The sacred festival of Navaratri is coming soon and most of us don’t even know how we are going to celebrate it in these difficult times of the Corona Virus pandemic spread all around the globe. It is important to keep your surroundings safe and sanitized but there is still one virus that you definitely catch; The 2020 Navaratri Bash. That’s right, celebrate this year’s Navaratri with KALI HOUSE and get the best of ethnic wear to keep your festive spirits high. So here are the top 5 looks for this year’s Navaratri celebrations.


The very first outfit preference for this festival is Lehenga-Choli but how to make it distinctive? It can be done so by compiling a plain or a light Lehenga with a crisp back cut Choli and a lot of heavy jewelry. It is found very appealing and is majorly suitable for all the young adults out there. For the jewelry you can imply colorful bangles, a bare neck with heavy earrings or go for a heavy neck piece.


To create this look we add an embroidered Kurti with a plain white or black Dhoti Pants. This look is very chic and can also be combined with silver or golden bangles in one hand to add to its grace. This look is very comfortable and helps you enjoy the Garba time with no fuss, no hassle.

Navaratri Fusion

For all you girls out there who feel pressured to look the best but don’t feel like going all ethnic this year, this is it. Style your favorite blue or black skinny denims with a light indo-western short kurti or a pattern crop top and pair this with a Phulkari Jacket with mirror work or embroidery. Shine this with some earrings and you’re ready to turn some heads!

Anarkali to the rescue

If Anarkali to the rescue: Are you having second thoughts about that outfit you chose for this year’s Navaratri? Well don’t you worry, because a beautiful flared Anarkali suit just cannot go wrong for this salient occasion!

White is Right!

Pair up a white formal shirt with a printed long skirt or Palazzo pants to create this dynamic yet comfortable look. Don’t forget to wear a big boho neck piece to contrast the plain white shirt and compliment the prints down below. Put on some block heels and carry a light color Dupatta(optional) to complete your 2020 festive look.

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