A Bridal Lehenga: My First Love Story

Every girl has planned their dream wedding in the back of their minds. The flowers, the venue, the cuisine, the champagne and the most perfect outfit in the world, their wedding Lehenga; the first love of every girl, they’ve mapped it all out. Even the most tom-boyish girl on the planet reminisces about this love story, has details figured out about how their first love must look like.

Now we have something to offer, a small gift for all the ladies out there who are finally going to meet their first love real soon. We are going to list out the most trendy, the most exquisite Lehengas of today which can aid you to pick out your perfect Lehenga for your dream wedding. Here are the top 6 Lehenga choices by the brides of 2020!

1. The Virushka fever:

the wedding of the talented cricketer Virat Kohli and the stunning actress Anushka Sharma left us all in awe. It was a revolutionary moment in the world of Lehenga styling because the infamous red lehenga was no more the “it” factor of the wedding ensemble, it inspired billions of brides around the country to challenge the RED and go for a more subtle color like blush PINK.


the brides today are looking for something different and to suffice this urge of ‘difference’ the very famous Sabhyasachi Mukherjee introduced the LEMON lehegas which left quite an impact on everyone’s eyes. Inspired by this, designers around the globe started introducing LEMON influenced bridal Lehengas. Many were seen mashing the Lemon color with other mauve colours like GRAY, PUNGENT PINK and ORCHE YELLOW.

3. Bridal Shades of GRAY:

That’s right, which once was taken as taboo by the representative elders of our society has now become the new trend of the wedding season. Brides have become insistent towards the GRAY and SILVER bridal Lehengas in the market today.

4. Pastel Power:

Brides do a lot of research and have a very strong mind about their perfect wedding Lehenga and pastels seem to have formed a new and warm place in the hearts of all these brides today. These colors not only give off a unique look but also give the wedding outfit a royal and elegant panache.


5. The Golden Glow:

This one is often picked by the brides who want a more regal look than the colored finish. It consists of a stately combination of GOLDEN and OFF-WHITE. This wedding season is majorly influenced with a GOLDEN waist band and a lot of detailing is inscribed in these Lehengas.

6. Brocade Season:

The brocade season is an evergreen feeling which hits us with waves of nostalgia and euphoria. Brocade is a very significant traditional fabric which has influenced the fashion industry in many ways. The bridal Lehengas are prepared with incredible brocade fabric and patterns and even today brides just seem to fall in love with them instantly.

So have you ever thought of how your first love looks like? Were these looks able to help you make up your mind? Let us know!