Do You Know Jewellery That Adorns Women In Different States?

Our country is a nation that consists of 28 states with each of them having vivid history in various aspects especially art and craftsmanship. We often buy jewelry from different shops and sites with intricate details, color and patterns which catches our eye. But have you ever sat back with your jewelry, that necklace your grandma gave to you or the ring your mum swears to never take off, the ornaments which were passed down to generations in your family and wondered “where does this belong to? What part of our country makes this specific design?“ If yes then continue reading because we may have answers to calm your curious cat.

Here are some regional vestiges to recognize where your sparkles actually came from!


when someone mentions craftsmanship, Rajasthan is a place which is remembered by us all. This state is very famous for its prestigious and historic collection. Jewelry named KUNDAN, JUDAU,LAC Jewelry, MEENAKARI Jewelry, AAD (a choker necklace) are some very famous works of Rajasthan.


this place is not only the host of many historical events on INDIA but also ranges a vast collection of custom sparkles. KATESARI choker is one of the most famous jewelry item of UP. Gold KADAs were also originated from this state, in the city of VARANASI.


This state is known for the exquisite Nath, or nose-ring. It is crafted with diamonds set in flower-shaped clusters of pearls and the jewel is further embellished by a single ruby bead.


This state holds an eminent position in the world of ethnic sparkles. One can find gold ornaments here for various customs. Nethi Chutti or Vagupu Chutti jewel is for the forehead and a gold Oddiyanam or waist ornament of South India too which is coated with rose-cut diamonds, emeralds and cabochon rubies.


We’ve all seen our mothers wearing a bold band around their ankles which makes a very cheerful sound when they walk in the house. Have you ever wondered what that’s called and where it came from? The state of Hyderabad is where one tracks down the origin of the famous PAAZEB which also influenced and gave rise to PAAYAL.

So next time you see any jewelry do ask yourself “where did this exactly come from?” you never know which piece of jewelry might.