Makara Sankranti is also known as Maghi or Sankranthi. This occasion is doted in the Hindu calendar and is dedicated to the deity Surya or the prime source of energy –the Sun. It is witnessed each year in the lunar month of Magha i.e. the month of January.  Celebrations are acknowledged all through the country in waves of spark with bonfires, music, dance, puja and a kite flying competition in the day time. So let’s curate this year’s Makar Sakranti with a bounce and light of fashion and other festivities. Here are some top looks to get inspired from for this year’s Sakaranti style!


With a festival that deserves a celebration like no other, we feel that opting for the palazzo pants would be a terrific idea. Shop palazzo suit or buy palazzo pants online and put on those fancy pants. Combine the solo pants with a printed crop top and a long shrug to give your outfit a festive appeal. Wear dropping earrings to match your outfit and accessorize as per your comfort because let’s be honest a comfortable fashion sense is loved beyond anything.


Sometimes a single color can be your escape to the last minute #ootd. Buy pant style salwar suit online of one single solid color to enhance your beauty to the max. Not only it looks elegant but also proves to be a neat and handy outfit for such celebrations which involves activities like dance, music, puja and more.


Things are right when you are in your most comfortable attire. But sometimes we give an upper edge to style over comfort. You know the saying "you need to lose something to gain something" but here we are going to debunk this saying by providing you with the perfect blend of comfort and styling. A set of Kurti and jeans can go with any pair of shoes or any jewelry you throw with it and of course, it will shower you with compliments all over. 


Your tradition is your first phase of the presentation and it should always be intact with your soul. You will lie to yourself if you disagree with the fact that Indian Ethnic wear does make you look elegant. A set of Ethnic top and jeans not only keeps you close to your Indian roots but also gives you a sense of modernity. A simple yet sophisticated set which never makes you look faded. The perfect contrast of colors and the wavy design keeps it under the eye of spectators and positive comments flow all around your surroundings.